Certainly the most important thing is to constantly improve your diving skills by diving, diving, diving. Only with sufficient experience should a further education be tackled.

Many new experiences and special dives should however take place for the first time in company of an experienced diving instructor to plan the dive from beginning to end safely and to be up to the upcoming situation.

Of course SUBEX offers advanced and special courses for all levels of experience and interests. Before the course begins, the theoretical and diving knowledge of the guest is tested in a detailed preliminary discussion and during the Welcome Dive in order to be able to offer a course concept tailored to his further training.

Important: At SUBEX all training courses take place in small groups of 2 to max. 4 persons. If due to the guest situation only 1 participant takes part in the course, an individual supplement will be charged for each further training course. Furthermore, the SUBEX logbook and the SUBEX training carnet are included. Of course, any further training course can be booked as a private course on request and at an additional cost.

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