Very good diving center

Located in the stunning Baron Sahl Hasheesh Subex offers you pure Quality and not Quantity. The Swiss managed Dive Base has top equipment and very experienced Guides and Trainers to explore the Red Sea. Quality is the most important part here, no Dive with more than 4 Divers per Guide / Trainer. Groups are not mixed but set together by Experience and skill. Boats are smaller but more intimate and flexible. 

We had a very good time, more than fair payment terms, exceptional Diving Instructors, The Crews on the Boats were always helpful and friendly. The Equipment top ( Tank not enough pressure? no problem ) Nitrox as a standard and not es an extra…

Top pick for the red Sea. Thanks to Johann and Verena… we will come back UBEX_Diving_Center_Baron_Palace-Hurghada_Red_Sea_and_Sinai.html#

Ehe11 Sahl Hasheesh 26/10/2017