Over 70 diverse dive sites!

In Hurghada there are dozens of intact diving areas, which can’t be surpassed in their variety in the Red Sea.
The cliffs on the Red Sea Wall, overgrown with large gorgonians and decorated with colourful
Soft corals decorated reef towers at Erg Abu Ramada, as well as the coral gardens in the channel of the two Giftun islands.

Our crew knows the reefs around Hurghada like the back of their hand and surprises even “old hands” with unique dives.

At SUBEX you benefit from more than a quarter of a century of experience, that the oldest still operating diving center in Hurghada has already gained.

The transfer from the hotel to the harbour is included in the boat trip, the boat leaves the harbour at 08:00 a.m. Due to this early start time we are often the first and only divers at the morning dive site. The selection of areas – as far as wind and waves allow it – is always made according to the experience and wishes of our guests. There are cliffs, wrecks and many different reefs that we reach with our own dive boats.