Salem Express



The Salem Express was a passenger ferry that sank off the coast of Safaga on its return journey from Mecca to Safaga on 15 December 1991 with 960 official pilgrims on board.

Shortly before reaching her destination, she ran into Hyndeman Reef, tearing a huge hole in her hull that can still be seen today. Rumour has it that there were probably up to 1600 passengers on the ship.

Only 180 people survived the tragedy. The Salem Express is located on the starboard side, starting at 10 metres and reaching a maximum depth of 32 metres.

The wreck is hardly overgrown, but definitely worth a visit.

Due to the great human losses of the accident, the Salem Express is a controversial dive site.

Diving with the appropriate respect is indispensable and the divers refrain from diving into the wreck interior with SUBEX! The dive center offers Salem Express regularly as part of a full day trip.

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