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Navigation Specialty Course

Would you like to be able to find your way around the reefs under water and always find your way back to the boat or to the entry and exit point? Do you want to find and discover the highlights of every reef together with your partner without a guide? Would you like to learn how to handle a compass and to be able to orientate yourself safely at natural points? Then the special course Navigation is the right choice!


  • The aim of the specialty is to orientate oneself under water at natural points and to handle the compass additionally.
  • The participants should learn how to get back to the entry or exit point and how to estimate the distance in time.
  • Basic skills such as dealing with one’s own equipment and that of the partner, the consideration of environmental conditions, sign language and communication under water are once again made clear.
  • In order to plan, perform and complete the dives correctly, your knowledge about breathing minute volume is refreshed, the air consumption is calculated and the minimum air reserve, maximum depth and bottom time is determined.


  • 2 dives, combining natural navigation and compass navigation.
  • 5 theoretical units during briefing and debriefing: natural navigation, compass navigation, natural and compass navigation combined, special navigation, navigation as sport.
  • SSI Brevet Navigation (with costs)


  • Teaching materials will of course be provided for all specialties.
  • With just three more specialties, your SSI Open Water Diver becomes an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Prerequisite for participation in an SSI Specialty Program is’an Open Water or Junior Open Water certification from SSI or another recognized training organization such as PADI OWD or CMAS*.Recommendations: We recommend at least the booking of a 6 dive package, so that the learned skills can also be trained.

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