Naturpark Nabq



Pure nature – A a trip of superlatives

In the morning at 8.00 o’clock we start with at least 4 persons and our air-conditioned minibus from the SUBEX base to the National Park Nabq.

There is a lot to see on the over an hour drive through the national park. Unique views tempt you to take pictures.

After arriving in the protected beauty of the National Park Nabq, we let our self-discovered SUBEX Green Canyon take a break. After a not too long stay we continue to the second dive site. Now it’s time to relax and eat something. The barbecue, lovingly prepared by the Bedouins, tastes fantastic of the sea and Egypt.

After a leisurely lunch break with food and drink we prepare for the second dive.

The Nakhlet Al-Tal Reef enchants with a magical underwater landscape embedded in a seagrass meadow.

To experience pure nature is a trip of superlatives, which ends at 5 p.m. with an eventful excursion and the return to the SUBEX base.

Dives not included (will be deducted from the dive package or charged according to price list). The excursion has a minimum number of participants, therefore the execution cannot be guaranteed. We therefore recommend booking and payment on site.


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