An unforgettable day trip by submersible to the world-famous Elphinstone reef, where sharks can often be observed.


Elphinstone is one of the most famous dive spots in the Red Sea

The reef is about 500 meters long and 50 meters wide and rises at low tide to just below the water surface. There is a northern plateau starting at a depth of 15 meters and a southern plateau starting at about 20.

The eastern and western sides are two gigantic steep walls that drop vertically to a depth of about 500 metres. About 80% of the reef is covered with soft corals. All around there are thousands of flagfish and different shoals of fish. Napoleon’s are almost a daily occurrence.

Reef sharks are seen regularly and with a little luck whitetip deep sea sharks (Longimanus) or hammerhead sharks can be seen. Currents can be strong, so good diving skills and experience are very important for safety. Requirements for diving at Elphinstone are:

– at least 2* divers, AOWD or equivalent
– Proof of 50 logged dives
– Dives are only possible with a local diving guide


There is a minimum number of participants for this excursion. Therefore we cannot guarantee the execution, even if a reservation takes place. We therefore recommend paying for special excursions on site.
Dives (tank, weights) are not included in the price and are deducted from the dive package.

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